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Urban Landscape Development University

Urban Landscape Development University is a place where people who are interested in Kyoto urban planning can gather and discuss ideas. Here it is possible to learn and grow together. KCCC supports any projects relevant to the future of Kyoto.

Urban Planning Training School

This course provides knowledge which can be applied to urban planning. Learn about urban development activities now which will benefit communities in the future. Get the practical knowledge and fundamental instruction needed for future urban planning projects.

Kyo-machiya Restoration Seminar

This is a basic course that is intended to be an introduction to Kyo-machiya. Learn the fundamentals of Kyo-machiya from a variety of perspectives. Discover simple machiya living from residents whose ingenuity created things like the barter system. After becoming familiar with Kyo-machiya you will learn restoration techniques.

History of Kyoto Urban Planning Seminar

Learn from various perspectives how Kyoto developed, with topics like “Community Development” and “Kyoto and the Natural Environment”. Examine the future of urban planning first by understanding the unique features of Kyoto and how it evolved into the modern multi-layered city it is today.

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