Our foundation was established in 1997 with the goal of enhancing the unique charm and style, or gKyoto-nessh of the city, and to contribute to the realization of city planning projects by working with local residents. Guided by this principle, we support community development initiatives that encourage partnerships among residents, municipal government, businesses and universities.

So far our business has mainly been working with the Kyoto City Urban Planning Bureau on community planning projects aimed at preserving and restoring Kyo-machiya. Our past achievements have been strengthening corporate and municipal district networks, training community leaders and professionals in city planning systems, providing consultation services for the preservation of Kyo-machiya, and managing the conservation fund, which provides grants for various projects.

Our various studies and research projects, as well as the maintenance of the Kyo-machiya database increases awareness of our company. Cooperating with institutions both in Japan and abroad, we also frequently accept visitors wishing to survey our programs.

KCCC has acquired a wealth of practical experience and invaluable urban planning knowledge by working with the finest architects and professionals, and building close relationships with communities. It also serves as a hub connecting experts that can respond directly to various requests from residents and businesses.

Utilizing these valuable assets we will continue to grow the business and expand our activities passing on a living cultural heritage that ensures Kyotofs ever-evolving identity as both gcity and communityh.

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