Community planning for the future through partnership.


Kyoto needs a community partnership between residents and businesses if it is to increase the luster of each district. This can be accomplished through the promotion of community development initiatives in conjunction with the municipal government.

Kyoto Center for Community Collaboration (KCCC) acts as a mediator between residents, businesses and municipal government to promote community partnerships.

Since it was established the two pillars of KCCC have been the promotion of collaborative community development activities, and the harmonious relationship between land development and the local community.

The KCCC mission is to develop and promote the core character of Kyoto through preservation of the urban landscape. By partnering with various experts, academics, civic groups and volunteers, communities and local economies can be revitalized and the standard of living improved.

Kyoto is blessed with a magnificent natural environment and a rich cultural history.

KCCC will continue to develop a community-based network to preserve an authentic Kyoto and enhance its beauty, which in turn encourages people to reside in this city.

CCC will promote community development through its partnerships with residents, businesses and municipal governments.

Dual objectives

Promoting local community
development activities

Kyoto has been enriched over the centuries by the autonomous development of its various districts whose independent activities define their communities. However, an aging population and decreasing birthrate, as well as unemployment, a decline in local industry and the blight of vacant houses have all contributed to the erosion of the spirit of these communities.
KCCC encourages residents to address these issues by actively participating in community planning. At the same time, the diverse resources of each district, such as the cumulative cultural history, the urban landscape, the local industry and the population, should be assessed.


Promoting a harmonious relationship between land development and local communities

The art and wisdom of local residents gave birth to the Kyo-machiya. It would form the foundation of the community and become a valuable part of the cultural history. However, in recent years these traditional buildings have been demolished in favor of large apartment blocks significantly altering the streets and living conditions of the residents.
As a result, a tremendous effort must be put into preserving this wonderful urban landscape. Local community resources can be utilized to ensure a high standard of living for future generations. KCCC takes into consideration all the interested parties - local residents, landlords, developers and new homeowners - when preparing individual applications for building designs.


Connecting the community to the world

A vibrant community based on trusting relationships will be created by each citizen’s active participation in various development and exchange activities.

Community planning for the future through partnership