How to keep Kyoto Kyoto.

Kyoto is a city with gorgeous natural scenery reflected in the four seasons.  It is also a city whose charm can be seen in its many historic buildings, as well as its sophisticated modern architecture. It is made up of many independent communities whose prosperity and vitality can be seen in the residents who have cultivated a distinct cultural aesthetic over the centuries. The recent rise in both domestic and foreign tourism is evidence of Kyoto’s place as a cultural capital. However, Kyoto is faced with the problems of an aging population and a decreasing birthrate, as well as the blight of vacant houses and innumerable parking lots.  These things contribute to the general erosion of the urban landscape and at the same time strip communities of their vitality. If Kyoto responds boldly to these challenges the existing charm of the city will be increased and further refined.  To ensure this happes a brad-based part			nership with residents, businesses and municipal governments must be created.